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Poet, Author, Artist, Dream Technician, Redesigning the subconscious mind, 'Colours of Love' co-founder, DJ, Producer and above all, a

messenger of Love.

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Hi, I’m Lizz and I’m a Holistic Therapist, Artist, Poet, and Dream Activator.

There’s a quote by Ram Dass ‘We are all God in drag’ - well let me tell you I have been all kinds of God in drag, I’ve been a competitive surfer, a professional athlete, a secret child, gender confused, an over-eater, a wife, a lover, an addict, a nomad, a DJ, the labels go and on… yet I’ve always just been looking for me. My truth. My why?!


I’ve trained globally with master practitioners in kinesiology, holistic therapy, sex therapy, sound healing, ceremony, and shamanic practices. I specialise in dream activation, sexuality, identity, gender dysmorphia, family trauma, the shadow self and self realisation. I help my clients unlock trauma, pain and suffering and break recurring loops and patterns, setting them free, empowering them to step into radical self-love and live a life of freedom, joy and aliveness.

My method involves reprogramming the subconscious mind through a process of identifying, moving and clearing energetic blockages stored in your mind, physical body and the language you use.

"The session helped me look at my anxiety with different eyes, realizing stagnant energy can be a contributing factor to it. Having then an actual activity (physical act) presented to me was life changing." - Denise USA

There has never been a better time than now, at this crossroads in history to finally learn the truth about who we really are and what we are capable of.

In our sessions I use my psychic abilities, clear channel and direct connection to spirit. I converse with your guides, counsel and higher self to unlock your greatest potential, firing and rewiring the neural pathways in your brain and reprogramming your subconscious mind to unlock transformation. 

I understand the dark depths of facing the shadow, unresolved trauma and pain. In my own life I have experienced rejection, chronic illness, addiction, unhealthy boundaries and disempowering relationships. These gifts were in fact my motivation to heal myself and my ability to serve others.


is a method of INSTANT TRANSFORMATION,  truth, radical self-love, magic and mysticism. Together we gain awareness, fire and rewire your subconscious belief systems, your neural pathways and nervous system. You will learn to use words as your magic wand to author a new story of your life so you can manifest your wildest dreams.


Befriend your shadow, love your EGO and step into your most empowered self free from pain and suffering ready to be a reflection of LOVE, compassion and kindness to everyone you encounter. You are one choice away from changing your life... Are you ready?

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“Now, more than ever before, in these times of change and uncertainty, the power of the arts and the platform they provide for self-expression enable potent, powerful messages to be shared, enabling us to connect deeply as a conscious collective, rising up to support, uplift and inspire one another. Thank you Lizz for sharing your beautiful heart and soul with the world, I am honoured to be part of this creation.” - Ricki Lake

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“Lizz is a light worker in the truest sense.  Meaning, she has transcended her own darkness in the spirit of illuminating the path for others, via her profound word weaving.  A true blessing and gift to the global community. “ - Marques Wyatt - DEEP LA

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