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These powerful sessions are designed to uncover triggers and deep unconscious patterning to guide you to optimal healing on a holistic level so you can step up and into YOUR DREAMS.

The journey between where you are at and radical self-love requires inner technology.

I’m here to help you own your shit so you can own your shift. I will show you how to be free of limiting beliefs, conditioning resulting in negative thought patterns and behaviours so you can activate your dreams and LOVE yourself greater.

Designed as a catalyst to set you free, my intuitive approach, deep understanding of mind, body and spirit, combined with passion and dedication make for a powerful transformative experience. Pinpointing misalignments within your mental, emotional & spiritual body and making the necessary adjustments to reconnect you with your higher self. Once aligned with your higher self, your ability to LOVE yourself greater becomes effortless.
  • 45min call with Lizz. I'm ready for radical self LOVE!

    133 US dollars
  • 6 x 1:1 45 min empowerment sessions to own your sh*t and own your shif...

    Started Oct 15

    699 US dollars
  • 3 x 45 min sessions to activate deep change and manifest your dreams.

    333 US dollars
  • This will change your life and activate your greatest dreams.

    1,111 US dollars
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