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Multi-disciplined artist, producer, the Word Wizard behind transformative book Dream Machine featuring poetic transmissions for the soul and co-founder of Colours of Love, a transformative gathering and global community dedicated to Dream Activation.


Lizz is a master in sound, frequency, and healing vibrations. Every Lizz Larouge set is a ritual; a journey deep into your soul.

What moves you. Is you.

Having trained globally with master practitioners in sound healing, ceremony and shamanic practice, as well as having a wealth of experience in music and mime. Lizz provides a direct connection to source through their elevated sound.

Moving through a range of deep, soul-enriching music, Lizz creates a soundscape that traverses through etheric to tribal - from Heaven to Earth and the journey in-between.

Lizz’s selections, spoken-word poetry and mantras guide the awakening of the collective consciousness.

Lizz’s sense of freedom and unapologetic authenticity ignites transformation and radical self love in everyone fortunate enough to experience their sets.

In this time of radical planetary transformation, be guided into your higher self and receive the transformational transmissions for your soul’s evolution.

Do you dare to dream a new way of BEING?

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