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"Welcome to Love" - Limited Edition A2 Poster

"Welcome to Love" - Limited Edition A2 Poster


"Welcome to Love" - Limited Edition A2 poster, with poem not featured in Dream Machine. This high vibe poster will lift the frequency in any house.


Visionary Artist, Seer, Poet Lizz Shakti Larouge has been writing poetry for more than 10 years. Downloads from soul and spirit. During 2020 Lizz carefully curated a selection of their transformational poems into a book titled 'Dream Machine'. This project is self-published and comes direct to you from her heart. Talented visionary artist Christina Mikelis has brought Lizz's words to life in art form through her beautiful graphic illustrations.


“Now, more than ever before, in these times of change and uncertainty, the power of the arts and the platform they provide for self-expression enable potent, powerful messages to be shared, enabling us to connect deeply as a conscious collective, rising up to support, uplift and inspire one another. Thank you Lizz for sharing your beautiful heart and soul with the world, I am honoured to be part of this creation.” - Ricki Lake

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